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Swedish singer and musician Rebecka Molander has touched audiences for a decade with her unique voice, her self-perceived lyrics and her cool jazz-inspired singer-songwriter sound.

Her messages in the lyrics about alienation, vulnerability and being true to herself manage to reach the listener right in the heart, in a low-key poetic way and to the accompaniment of the music's calm soulful beat.


Self-taught on piano and after opening gigs to famous artists such as Lill-Babs and Jan Lundgren, Rebecka gave out her first concert of her own in her own name. With a full-length debut album and a scandinavian record tour in 2016, Molander had a nice reception at, among others, MOJO in Copenhagen. Since then, Molander has been a prolific freelance musician, and as a keyboardist in Edsvurna. 2023 has been a productive year with the international release titled “Through the Rain-Vol 1” (2023) as well as the brand new swedish EP "Leaving the light on" (2023)- both to critical acclaim.


The sound from “Leaving the light on” with complete live studio-takes, vintage Rhodes and a crappier and bluesier soundscape than previous records, will be kept on her upcoming EP “17000 breaths” (2024). Her listeners got a good glimpse with the recently released summer single “Through the clouds” (2023).


She´s also now contributing to this years’ christmas lists with the brand new song “Snowflake” (2023).

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