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Read about what the press, music blogs and other sources are saying about "Leaving the light on" and "Through the rain" (productions and shows).

Short translated extracts in english. Click on links for full text in original language.

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POPMUZIK, (SWE), Sebastian Södergren

"The thoughts are brought to a warm summer evening in dim darkness where anything can happen. The singer's voice is seductive and intimate, while maintaining a drive throughout the song (Genom Molnen, ed). What I am most delighted about is how skillfully the artist has captured the atmospheric feeling and harmonies, which contribute to a nostalgic and powerful listening experience."


The National Post, (UK)

”Fans of SADE or Norah Jones will appreciate the incredibly smooth and dynamic sound of this release.”​

Jamsphere, Indie Music Magazine
"As you delve deeper into each of these enchanting tracks, you’ll come across numerous highlights, each more breathtaking than the last. Each of these soul-stirring pieces is an absolute gem, with the piano chords beautifully intertwining with the Molander’s voice, paving the way to an irresistibly hypnotic feel that lingers long after the last notes fade away. In conclusion, “Through The Rain (Directors Cut Vol.1)” is a true work of art that showcases Rebecka Molander’s unparalleled musical and vocal prowess, alongside her fervent creativity."

TJPL Magazine 

5-star rating. "Rebecka Molanders lyrics are sharp and sweet, sung with superior cadence, and finished off with a vocal presence that sweeps you off your feet. (…) The album keeps on innovating. Mixing jazz with modern ideas and more powerful vocals. (…) Its that togetherness that keeps Through the rain Vol1 strong, hopeful and soul-touching.

Infomusic (FR)

"...this album (Through the rain, ed.) gives her an originality that makes us confident that she undoubtedly has a great future in the music industry."

Indiechroniquedaily (FR)

"With the gloomy atmosphere prevailing in the world, we needed a glimmer of hope to brighten up our days. Swedish artist Rebecka Molander deserves our thanks for boosting our morale with her album "Through the Rain."

Muse chronicle

"Through the Rain’ showcases Molander’s skill as a singer and songwriter through a beautiful and poignant song (...) emotional ride one would love to go on!"

Mesmerized, Music blog, Jeremy Bregman
"The remaining four tracks on the EP continue to showcase Rebecka’s impressive songwriting skills and dynamic range as a musician. Each song offers its own unique sound and style, with influences ranging from jazz and pop to funk and soul. There’s something for everyone to enjoy on ‘Through the Rain’ and I have no doubt that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Rebecka Molander in the very near future!"

Musica En Palabras, Damiàn Riquelme

"The Swedish singer and musician Rebecka Molander captivates us with her new album "Through the Rain", released on March 10th. (...) A great album, with its variety and versatility, with a very enjoyable sound and instruments performing well with Rebecka Molander's talented voice."

Jukebok time (JBM Magazine)

...Through the rain and has a stunning intro that coaxes us into this mesmerizing number. The lyricism is deep that blends well with the arrangement. The softer approach of Get Gone totally allured us. Rebecka adds excellent surreality through her voice. The vocal tone is extraordinarily addictive and her vocal nuances captivate the psyche of the listener! With spectacular melodic tones, sublime arrangement and phenomenal vocals, Through the rain amazed us. And therefore Jukebox Time highly recommends this EP..."

SONO Music (UK)

"Rebecka Molander’s latest EP, “Through the Rain,” is a beautiful work of art that showcases her soulful and uplifting music."

Sistra (EG)

"Rebecka Molander’s director-cut EP is a delight for English-speaking audiences, but those of us who dig Rebecka’s music will be more than eager to check her other songs in Swedish, even if we can’t understand a word. Her soft voice, restrained approach to song arrangements and unique-yet-familiar compositions are more than enough to draw massive audiences, which she will undoubtedly be able to achieve with the help of this masterful release..."

FV Music Blog

"Sweden-based artist REBECKA MOLANDER has released the phenomenal album ‘Through The Rain’. Fuelled by exciting melodies, excellent musicianship and soulful vocal performances, ‘Through The Rain’ is an album that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated."

IGGY Magazine (FR)

..."Through the Rain" is a musical gem that the artist offers us. The first track of this album is titled the same as the album itself. It announces great things to come for the rest of the album. With soft beats and instrumentals, and melodic but understated riffs, the song does justice to jazz. (...)

Os Gartotos de Liverpool (BR) Elio Sant’Anna Pedrozo Campos

"(..)Full of emotion in its vocal line, skillfully interacting with the piano, this work (Through the rain, ed.) is full of great dynamics and captivating elements(...)"


"Chill out to this wonderful album. "(Through the rain, ed)

Sinusoidal Music

"A top tier album!" (Through the rain, ed)


Music blog (DK) Karsten Rune Sörensen 

"...As more and more people fill the room, there is no more space for anyone else as Rebecka Molander takes the stage. Now the magic begins! She has a great grip on the audience who are now completely silent. All chatter stops. The music is somewhat funky/soulful in style and the songs are very personal. The lyrics are down-to-earth, such as the song about the previous partner who preferred to drink gin and tonic rather than love. The super mini band is noteworthy, and I especially notice the keyboard player, who sounds like someone I heard many years ago. Oh yes - Richard Tee, who played on a few albums with Paul Simon(...)"

Popmuzik(SWE)Johan Alexed 

"It's a beautifully expressed observation of everyday life. All set to the soft accompaniment that makes you sway gently, enjoying Rebecka's soulful jazz.

So there you have it. If you're looking for a soundtrack to life's pleasant moments, "Leaving the light on" is the perfect place to start."


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